Scales of War

Bordrin's Watch 1

Session Date: 1/1/10

The party had previously heard about a call to arms sent by the city of Overlook. Apparently Overlook is expecting an orc invasion from the west of the Stonehome mountains. While the party rested from their attack on the ruins beneath Rivenroar Castle, they decided to head for Overlook to help in the defense of Overlook and Elsir Vale.

Before leaving, Adronsius, the dwarven alchemist, rewarded them for rescuing him by giving them a sack full of Alchemical Reagents.

They also met another Adventuring Group, called the Freeriders, who were on their way to Overlook.

After a couple days of rest, the party purchased some horses and headed towards Overlook. They spent several days traveling without incident. However, during the night they spent in The Westdeep, they were surprised by a pack of dire wolves which had infiltrated their camp.

The next day, some elves were spotted near the road. The wilden druid spoke with them and learned of orc scouting parties in the area. Once they were out of the forest and back on the plains near Overlook, they followed the tracks of a caravan that had been captured by orcs, and fought and killed the orcs that were camped with the wagons.

When they finally arrived in Overlook, they met with Bram Ironfell to return a pile of documents from the caravan and inform him of it’s fate.

While shopping in Tradetown, the group came upon a shop owner and his wife being threatened by a group of thieves. The party attacked the thieves and killed most of them. Unfortunately allowing two to escape. The shop owner informed them that the thieves were agents of The Lost Ones, a prominent thieve’s guild in Overlook, and that the party may have made a powerful enemy.

On the advice of Bram Ironfell, the group decides to inform the Council of Elders of what they learned about the orcs on their way From Brindol.

  • Previous: 2250
  • Awarded: 2322/5 = 464each
  • Total: 2714

  • +1 Darkleaf Leather Armor
  • 300gp
  • 680gp worth of Alchemical Reagents



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