Scales of War

Bordrin's Watch 2

Session Date: 1/9/10

The Council of Elders held a meeting for the various forces who gathered to help defend against the orc horde. During this meeting, the adventuring party (now referred to as The Misfits, until someone changes that) is sent to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to warn and evacuate the inhabitants. Upon knocking on the outer doors, however, the party becomes aware that orcs have taken the monastery.

The Misfits kill the orc camped out in the courtyard, then proceed into the Great Hall of Moradin. Inside they find a gruesome sight. Dead dwarves and orcs litter the hall. An orc witch doctor is desecrating the altar in the center of the room, and two orc stand on the balconies wielding “impossibly large” crossbows. The ranger, thorn, immediately draws his bow down on the witch doctor and kills him with two well placed arrows. The rest of the team starts to attack the other two orcs, but then 5 more orcs emerge from a hidden door beneath the altar. The misfits slay every one with brutal efficiency.

They find a hidden stairwell beneath the altar. Heading down, they find more orcs, as well as orogs, searching though the sleeping quarters of the dwarves. Dead bodies are everywhere. The orcs spot them and attack. Their sheer numbers allow the fight to last more than a few seconds. Again the Misfits are deadly.

The end of the room opens to a huge cavern. Stairs lead down, over a hundred feet, to the cavern floor. A group orcs are climbing the stair find themselves at the mercy the parties ranged attacks. While the ranged attackers slay several orcs, Brandis shows a level of restraint no one knew he had. He stands and waits for the orcs to reach the top of the stairs, but only gets to swing his axe once.

  • Previous: 2714
  • Awarded: 2855/5 = 571each
  • Total: 3285
  • Level 4 @ 3750

  • No Treasure For You!



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