Scales of War

Bordrin's Watch 3

Session Date: 1/15/10

Following a tunnel out of the huge cavern, the party comes to a another cavern; The Chamber of Works. The cavern full of forges is filled with orcs as well as rubble and a blazing fire.

The Chamber of Works served two purposes. First, it connected to the deeper tunnels through a long, downward-sloping passage, and second, it housed the forges and workshops used by the priests to honor their god. The orcs discovered this passage in their searching beneath the mountain and came up through this room, slaughtering the dwarves as they raced into the complex to finish off the defenders.

Their haste to overrun the temple above caused them to miss Kalad, a devout dwarf paladin. While the orcs fought his kin upstairs, Kalad pulled the lever and collapsed the tunnel, thus cutting off the route for more orcs to breach the mountain. When Og, the orog leader of this war party, returned and found the tunnel caved-in, he was enraged and has spent the last few hours beating Kalad, bringing him to the brink of death.

When the party enters, the orcs are distracted by Og and his prisoner and Misfits attack them by surprise. This barely gives them the edge to win the day. During the fight, Brandis is surrounded by powerful orcs, including Og. His injuries cause him to fall to the ground unconscious. Only Rutilius’ magical healing powers save him from death.

Once the party defeats Og and his warriors, they find Kalad crumpled on the floor. They tend to Kalad’s wounds, as well as their own and rest. Kalad tells them of the underground Nexus; a junction of tunnels which connects the tunnels east and west of the mountains. He knows of a way to seal the Nexus, thus closing off all the passages through the mountains and forcing the orcs and orogs to face Bordrin’s Watch.

The party informs him that another adventuring party was already sent down to the tunnels to clear them. But Kalad wont settle for that and insists that there is too much at stake to risk the lives of everyone in the valley on the efforts of just one group. The Misfits agree that this is the best course of action, and Kalad agrees to come with them.

So the druid sends an animal messenger (twitter) to Bordrin’s Watch to inform them of the situation. Then after taking an extended rest, the Misfits head out to the Vents to find this Nexus.

Upon reaching the Vents, the party spots a group of five horses tied up as well as footprints leading to one of the large cavern openings.

They head into the vents and, after a difficult journey through the maze of tunnels, reach an old network of excavated passages and chambers. Immediately, they discover that the orcs have already arrived. Once they start fighting, they also learn the orcs as well as the adventurers have been marked as intruders by some deadly dwarven crossbow traps. After killing the orcs, the group devises a plan to disable the traps. The goliath and the dwarf use themselves as sheilds against the crossbow bolts, while Erevan manages to disarm the traps. Again Brandis finds himself injured and not appreciative of the “Pretty Lady’s” plan.

Once safe, they search the orcs bodies and find a discovery. The orc sergeant had a blood-stained cloak tied to his belt. Inside is the head of a female half-elf. Some in the party recognize her as the warlock of the Farstrider group.

  • Previous: 3285
  • Awarded: 2625/5 = 571each
  • Total: 3856
  • Level 4!

  • Jeweled, silver and gold items worth 1400gp
  • Shield of Eyes
  • Amulet of Protection + 2
  • Veteran’s Platemail +2



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