Scales of War

Bordrin's Watch 4

Session Date: 1/22/10

The party listens at the next door and hears some orc discussions about how “Tusk” had not really trusted “Modra”, but that “Modra” had served the orcs well. The characters enter the room and find more orcs, along with a Dark Creeper (who is currently trying to ascertain the purpose and function of the boiling hot pipes in this room). After slaying all the enemies and preventing any of them from escaping, they find a Bag of Holding on the dark one. Inside they find some valuables, as well as potions of healing, some vials of Alchemist’s fire and a brass key. They don’t see anything around that requires the use of a key, so they take it with them.

Past this room they find the remnants of a large battle. Many orcs and two trolls lie dead on the floor. In an adjacent room, they find the bodies of the Farstriders, currently being devoured by another troll, with it’s orc handlers watching. The party slay the beasts and move on to the Nexus.

Once inside the Nexus chamber, the party begins climbing to the top of the Nexus, in order to activate a complex trap that causes the doors to seal shut and the room to fill with water. However, some of the orc army has already begun arriving, and more continues to show up from the tunnels that connect to the Nexus. While the party fights their way to the top, an orog cheiftain named Tusk arrives with a shadar-kai witch at his side. He tries to lead his army in their attack against the group of adventures, but is eventually knocked off the catwalk and falls to his death.

Once the group defeats Tusk and seal the Nexus, they have completed their mission, but more importantly, they have delivered a deathblow to the orc hordes. With their leader dead and cut off from the tunnels, the orcs have no choice but to attack Bordrin’s Watch. The fighting is brutal, for even though the orcs have lost their advantage, they are still numerous and powerful. After five days of fighting, the defenders on the walls turn back the hordes, sending them back into the badlands once more. With the threat at an end, the surviving PCs are welcomed as heroes and given badges of distinction to recognize their courageous efforts and their parts in saving Overlook and Elsir Vale. During the ceremony, the adventurers are free to relax, drink, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime, but they can’t help but feel like they’re being watched.

  • Previous: 3856
  • Awarded: 725each
  • Total: 4581

Level 5 is at 5500

  • Bag of Holding
  • Potion of Healing (2)
  • Alchemist’s Fire (2)
  • 1250gp



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