Scales of War

Brandis Log1 pg2

Me liked the inn and pretty lady that was at me table…think someone said she a Diva…me just call her Pretty Lady…the others at me table seemed nice…Bug Man is very funny…me like it when he turns into bugs…Bow-man looks like a good fighter…and the little guy sure was eyeing the other tables gold…me think me will like this group…course stupid goblin things runined our dinner…so me enjoyed killing them…course me enjoy killing period, me nature after all…next morning when we got asked to come to some big fancy place, me was still tired but went anyway, Pretty Lady seemed to think it was important, so me went…wound up agreeing to do something for some fancy guy, not sure what it is all about but it seems like fun…got to kill more goblin things which is always fun…now we are looking for some old stuff that the goblin things took…hope we find them, since we get lots of pretty coins for them…we shall see me guess…



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