Scales of War

Brandis Log1 pg4

Wow me having fun down here…lots of stuff to kill and hit…didn’t like the cold things very much but we killed them so that made me happy…Pretty Lady is being a big help keeping me on me feet and all…wanted to hug her but was afraid to ask…we found some more of the people we were told to come get, well one of them we found parts of him…or her…me couldn’t tell, and didn’t really care…just wanted to kill whatever it was that did that…no one deserves to die that way…eventually we found some crazy lady that Pretty Lady said is one of the people we have to find…me got bored when everyone was trying to calm her down so me went and looked around the room…found some pretty glowy eyes in some statues…stared at them until everyone came and got me…now me guess we’ll be off to find the rest of the people…as long as there is monsters or people for me to fight…me be happy…



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