Scales of War

Erevan Log 1 pg 1

God, forever in this dungeon and very little loot. Luckily, we found that guard captain dead and I didn’t have to flee again. The big guy, what’s his name, doesn’t seem very strong, but then again we make a good team. I think the next time I go raiding a dungeon, I’ll bring him along. The ranger and the druid have their uses, but I think next time I need to find a more how do you say, amoral team, since the diva witch always wants to do some thing or another to help people.

Why should I help anyone? The last time I did that, I ended up in some city jail and had to fight off the advances of several drunken inmates and a few guards. I am lucky I escaped that place when I did or else I probably wouldn’t be here. That girl we rescued, she reminded me of how I felt in that place.



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