Scales of War

Erevan Log2 pg1

That damned diva is getting in the way again. I work hard to get her some reagents that could help us. Yes, I know that they are pickled ears but even that could be useful. She just turn right around and gave them back to those people. That ungrateful shop owner and his hag of an old wife.

Our journey here from Brindol was mostly uneventful, except for the damned wolves and the orcs. The sad fact was the wolves were more of a challenge than the orcs.

Overlook has a shantytown just like neverwinter. I felt like I was coming home in such a sad way. I wonder if mom is still whoring herself on the street corner like she was when I was a kid. I wonder what she would say if she saw me now. I pissed the diva off though, which in my book is a good thing. We encountered a little girl crying for her daddy who was dead. I sent her to meet her father. Personally, I think I did her a favor. Death is better than what she was destined for. Trust me on that one.

Even though I am still a nobody, I am hoping to get in with one of the local thieves guilds while here in Overlook. But I doubt any of them are going to be interested because of that damned scuffle in the magic shop. We really need to control the idiot of a fighter. He sees anything orcs and he goes nuts. I think I am going to paint his face up as one and then show him a mirror. That would be funny.

I think I need more practice on my thieving skills. I was caught when I was trying to trade out one of the daggers I stole. But I talked my way out of it, hehehe.



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