Scales of War

Erevan Log2 Pg2

Well, here we are again, trying to save some stupid morons who can’t save themselves. I’ve got to stop listening to the damned blue freak. But she did make a good point this time, it is definitely better than a battlefield.

The place was already over run when we arrived. We should have been more stealthy but we knocked on the door instead. It was Orcs again. Though I did get to do some climbing and I finally got to see above the damned rock fellow.

I am hoping for some more loot down here, but unfortunately the Monks had taken a vow of poverty, it looks like.

With all this death and most of my past experiences, with this group and that thieves guild out of Neverwinter, I have decided it is better to worship the Raven Queen instead of nothing because it seems from all my travels that death is the only constant.

It seems my past hasn’t followed me to this land. Maybe I should let the diva in on why I do what I do. I think out of this party, she would be the one that understands. They seem to cover my ass alot. Its the least I could do.



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