Scales of War

Erevan Log2 Pg3

Well, we slogged through these damned tunnels for awhile, past a good crossbow trap. I’ve nearly died several times, it seems that our meat shields don’t seem to be able to do their jobs except that dwarf we recruited.

At times I wonder why I am here, I am not the adventurous type like the others. All I am trying to do is clear my name. I am hoping to eventually catch up to that thieving bastard. I just got word that he killed my mother. He strangled her in her sleep. At least, she died peacefully. He was the one that threw me in prison for helping his daughter escape him. According to my last sources he traveled to somewhere in this land. I have yet to get in with the thieves guilds to find out where he is, but I will.

The Diva is getting better, she doesn’t seem to preach at me so much, which makes her a lot more tolerable. The goliath is definitely on my sweet list. After that trap with the crossbows where he defended me, I definitely feel like he is my big brother and that he is trying to watch over me.

The ranger is definitely cuter than the wilden and the fact that he can kill with such efficiency is impressive. With him, I just don’t know what I am feeling but the Wilden is just gross. I am not a big fan of bugs.



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