Scales of War

Niku Log4 pg1

So I’ve escaped Sarshan’s clutches once again; and in doing, my new companions and I inadvertently destroyed the portal to his Overlook operations. Of course it was because I led them through the portal that the specters followed. Therefore I am the one most directly responsible for the portal’s destruction. Sarshan will be out for vengeance indeed.

I have decided to join the group of adventurers who followed me back to Overlook. We’ve taken on a quest to find some dwarven mines which have been lost for some time. A map has given a hint to its location. I think that getting out of Overlook right now is a wise move, since Sarshan will be looking for me there.

We’ve left Overlook and begun our travel toward the desert. While entering a small human settlement, we found them in need of our help. A group of bandits, I presume, were in the process of harassing and extorting what little they have here. The makeup of the bandits is a concern though. They were a group of satyrs led by a gnoll. Not the typical bandit. We’ll have to find out more from the residents. Such inquiries tend to distract from a quest however. Hopefully we’ve dealt with the problem already.



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