Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar 2

Session Date: 11/13/09

The party chooses to proceed through the doors marked “To Von Jallach”. Upon, opening them the Braziers start to move along the grooves in the floor. The rogue quickly disables them. They climb a flight of stairs into a crypt room with glowing runes on the floor. Also in the room are swarms of tiny drakes. The group starts to fight the drakes, when suddenly a goblin appears from the shadows flanking Tier. Once all the creatures are dead, they move on to the next room where they find the dwarf, Adronsius (one of the captured townsmen), shackled to the wall. He is badly beaten. The goblins obviously took joy in his pain. Once healed, he gives the party directions to where the hobgoblins are keeping Mirtala.

They head back down to the entry room and through the door marked “To Von Urstadt”. This leads to what appears to be the main living quarters for the hobgoblins. Several hobgoblin grunts, goblin snipers, and a tougher hobgoblin cease to exist. The larger hobgoblin carried a magic longbow, which Thorn retrieves.

The next room contains a one-way portal from the shadowfell. A swampy area with a castle in the distance can be seen through it. Brandis feels a deep chill in his bones, while Rutilius is examining the portal. As they are about to leave, they notice movement in the murky waters beyond the portal. A Ochre Jelly monster moves through the portal and attacks the party. While fighting it the group is surprised to discover that the chills that they’ve been feeling were caused by a pair of specters in the room, which attack as well. After a dangerous battle, the adventurers emerge victorious. They quickly leave this room before anything else comes through the portal to attack them.

They enter the Von Urstadt crypt next. The room is dark, so they light a sunrod and reveal two hidden goblins. One goblin opens a set of doors to the north, which summons a pair of fiery elemental creatures. Unfortunately for them, the goblins are dead before they ever witness the arrival to the beasts. The party then surrounds and slays the elementals as well.

Within the crypt, they discover some valuable gems and gold coins, along with a powerful totem. Upon examining the doors to the north, and realizing that they summoned the elementals, the party decides to leave them open. However, they choose to head through the other set of doors, in order to follow the directions of the dwarf, Adronsius.

XP awarded: 2275 total — 455 each

  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • 130gp
  • +1 Primeshot Longbow
  • +1 Spring Renewal Totem



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