Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar 3

Session Date: 12/04/09

Continuing to follow the dwarf’s directions toward Mirtala, the group comes across a room with zombies, a wight, and the half-eaten corpse of Kartenix; one of the prisoners they are trying to rescue.

The party fights their way though a couple more rooms filled with hobgoblins and dire rats, and finally find the prisoner, Mirtala, in the room with the rats. Unfortunately, while fighting the rats, Erevan, was bitten and contracted a Filth Fever disease. Mirtala has been harassed by the rats, and has the disease as well. She is nearly catatonic with fear, from her experience since being captured. However, Erevan manages to comfort her and convince her that she is safe with them. Mirtala then leads them back to an area they’ve already cleared in the catacombs, and they find Sertanian, the castellan of the Great Hall of Valor. He will be helpful in finding the missing treasures, since he is very familiar with them and knows what they look like.

  • Previous: 871
  • Awarded: 1625/5 = 325 each
  • Total: 1196 (LEVEL 2)

  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • 70gp
  • 100gp worth of Residuum



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