Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar 4

Session Date: 12/11/09

Though exhausted from a long day, the party is convinced by Rutilius that the prisoners lives are at risk, and they should press on instead of resting yet. So they head up some stairs and find some goblins and drakes waiting for them. After slaying them, Erevan and Brandis find the prisoner Jalissa tied up in the next room. She hysterically clings to Erevan, and obey her every command without question. Erevan decides that she want to check the sarcophagi, and convinces Brandis to open them. Inside they find many valuable items from jewelry to magic armor. The party then decides to backtrack and rob the other sarcophagi, they’d seen previously in the dungeon. There they find more treasure and more magic items.

At this point, the party cannot be convinced to delay their sleep any longer. Happy to have found another prisoner alive, Rutilius concedes. They are awoken in the night by a group of hobgoblins who had searched them out after finding nearby bodies. However, the patrol was small in strength and easily dispatched, before the halfling had even woken up.

In the morning they press on hoping they do not find the remaining prisoners dead. They encounter a group of ghouls and zombies in one room. A tough battle ensues, during which Erevan falls unconscious in front of a vicious ghoul. He is quickly saved by his party though.

After resting Erevan sneaks down a dangerously unstable hallway to discover a giant “meat snake” in the next room. She tries to lure it down the hallway, but discovers it to be locked in some kind of magical prison. That is until some goblins come into view and release it. The snake charges down the hall, climbing on the walls, but is dead before it ever reaches the party. Upon seeing the undead snake killed so easily, the goblins run away.

Encouraged by their swift victory against the snake, the adventurers quickly pursue the goblins into some sort of temple, which in addition to the goblins contains a human and a pair of zombies. After a long battle with the creatures in this room, the adventurers emerge victorious.

In the temple room, next to a black obelisk which seems to be dedicated to Vecna, they find a few of the missing treasures: the ceremonial sward, the broken shields, and the battle standard.

The adventuring party is getting close to completing their quest.

  • Previous: 1196
  • Awarded: 2325/5 = 465each
  • Total: 1661

  • +1 Mithral Chainmail
  • +1 Shielding wand
  • +1 Predator Hide Armor
  • 260gp



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