Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar 5

Session Date: 12/18/09

The party continues on, searching for the remaining prisoners. They enter an huge throne room. Seated in the thrones are a skeleton and a wight. The wight raises several of the skeletal remains in the room to help destroy the adventurers. Ultimately, it is the wight and the skeletons who are destroyed. Hidden in secret side compartments within the thrones, the party finds two magic daggers and some gold. Down the hall, they discover Thurann, the 8-year-old boy who was captured from Brindol, alive and mostly unharmed.

He mentions that he’s seen the old witch Zerriksa being held near a room full of mushrooms. The party recognizes the reference, and finds her as well, after battling a couple of very large rage drakes.

Although, they’ve gathered all of the captured prisoners from Brindol now. They have not found all of the artifacts, nor have they found any sign of the supposed leader of this hobgoblin group; Sinruth. Knowing that there is only one route in the catacombs that they’ve yet to explore, they head back up to check it out.

Upon exploring that route, they come upon the large hobgoblin Sinruth. Despite his size and toughness, the team fights well and slays Sinruth easily. In Sinruth’s chamber, they find the remaining artifacts, as well as a pair of magical bracers. On his body, along with a pouch of gold, they find some papers: In his breast pocket, Sinruth keeps a region map with several paths and good ambush spots marked, a map of Brindol with the Hall of Great Valor marked, and the letter shown below.

With their quests fully completed, they head back to Brindol to collect their recognition and rewards.

Letter from emmisary

  • Previous: 1661
  • Awarded: 2275/5 = 455each
  • Xmas Bonus: 134each
  • Total: 2250 (Level 3)

  • +1 Luckblade Dagger
  • +1 Lifedrinker Dagger
  • Bracers of Archery
  • 2 Potions of Healing
  • 540gp



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