Scales of War

Rutilius Log1 pg3

This castle is fascinating. The ingenuity of these ancient traps is incredible. I’m thankful that Everan was quick and able to disable the braziers in the entrance. I was impressed with the sustainability of the tomb floor, until I saw the portal. The sheer arcane power needed to keep that portal sustained to the underdark is just…I’m in awe of whoever did it. If we didn’t need to save the townsfolk, I would love to stay here and investigate this.

Oh yes, we rescued the Adronsius who is leading us to the other captives that he knows about. And killed some goblins and drakes and some form of jelly from the portal.

But in the next room! A door that when opened is able to bind demons to it every time. Whoever placed all of these here must have been an amazingly powerful paranoid. I haven’t been this excited in a long while. I hope once we’re done here, I’ll be able to spend some time investigating these apparatuses.



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