Scales of War

Rutilius Log1 pg4

This castle has moved from amazing innovation in paranoid property security to a tiring slog through hobgoblin, zombie, and rat blood. I’m doing my best to keep everyone’s spirits up and bodies going, but there are times it is just very hard to fight the inevitable end that I know lies before me. But I know I can’t rest yet. Otherwise more might die.

I nearly lost myself when I saw Kartenix. The thought that I had failed another was just too strong. I stumbled though the words of prayer, and when we finally left his body, I vowed we would not rest until we had found every last one of the abductees.

We rescued Mirtala well after the hobgoblins have tortured her nearly into madness. Even after calming her down, she can provide no real information about our surroundings. Luckily her lost directions directed us near Sertanian. We need to glean any information we can out of him in order to identify the stolen artifacts, he may even have a theory on why those pieces were taken. We can’t wait long though, we need to move quickly before anymore citizens die.



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