Scales of War

Rutilius Log2 pg1

Travel log day 1: Traveled a lot today.

Travel log day 2: Traveled a lot today.

Travel log day 3: Yep, still traveled.

Travel log day 4: I don’t like horses any more.

Travel log day 5: Ok, brandis is no longer allowed to be on watch without a chaperone. But on the plus side, thanks to Tier, I’ve got a nice warm wolf fur coat.

Travel log day 6: I had a hard time believing the elves that the orcs were this industrius. But if they are able to take down full sized caravans on this side of the mountains, that doesn’t bode well. I’m beginning to think we will be better served scouting for how the orcs are getting here in numbers than fighting them on the other side of the mountains.

Outlook is a truely dismal place. If I wasn’t worried about an incoming army, I would be seriously tempted to stay here and improve life for these people. A few public sanitation campaigns would go a long way here. As it is I think I’ll have enough on my hands just trying to keep Everan on the straight path. I can’t believe she would think about keeping something that obviously belonged to the shop keeper. And I suppose that we need to track down who ever was threatening that poor man and his wife and prevent them from doing it again. It wouldn’t be right leaving things as they are.



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