Scales of War

rutilius Log2 pg2

I’ve failed again. They’re dead, all dead. Through some cosmic joke of timing, we’ve arrived only a few hours too late to save the monks. It doesn’t matter what sort of toll we take on this invasion party, we’ve failed.

The only thing left to do is to go into the caves and find a way to seal them up. We can’t let this army have an easy way across the mountains. At least we’ve gotten here before the orcs have set up any real defenses. They still seem to be searching the monistary. Hopefully this means that they haven’t had a chance to tell the main army of this pathway. If we eliminate every one of them, then the invasion won’t be able to use this as a flanking corridor.

I’m beginning to wonder if the red hand revival back in Brendol isn’t related. The orcs’ weapons look like they came from the same forge. If someone has the ability to supply enough material to 2 groups at the same time without anyone knowing about it…



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