Scales of War

Rutilius Log2 Pg4

I may have a new project. Spending the rest of my life re-creating this Nexus. The use of steam instead of magic to trigger traps is just Amazing. Weird, but amazing. I wonder if steam could be used to drive other things. It could be used to liberate the common man from menial tasks. Think of it: steam powered carts; steam powered boats; steam powered golems; steam powered back massagers. I’m so intrigued by this place that I can’t even be sad that the Farstriders bought the farm.

I really should create a record of their achievements, they wrecked great havoc among the attacking horde. Even took down 2 trolls. I wonder if steam vented directly on trolls would prevent their regeneration. Or maybe just create some sort of massive whirling blades of death trap that would cut a troll for all eternity.

That’s right, I’m supposed to be writing down important things, like the fact that “Tusk” was working with “Modra”. And Modra’s henchman was likely from the underdark. This really requires further investigation. I wonder if I could harness steam power to create some sort of computational machine. A series of valves that turn themselves on and off based on pressure coming from a third pipe.

And now that we’ve completed here, we need to go join up with everyone else at Bordrin’s Watch to finish these orcs completely. I bet I could make a steam powered flying machine…


Rutilius is going all Steampunk on us now.

Rutilius Log2 Pg4

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