Scales of War

Rutilius Log4 pg1

So everything went fuzzy for a while and by the time my head clears, I find that Sarshan got away, but at least we’ve stopped his plans for inter-planal domination. After some much penance and needed rest the only thing that presents itself is a mercenary job to find some lost mine. I believe this is fate’s way of pulling us along to something greater. And at least I think there will be fewer chances for Everan to get in trouble if we at least get out of the city. That and I think Brandis is getting restless without anything to smash.

Ok, so now we’re being attacked by Dwarfs who want the riches for themselves. I really was hoping that all peoples of the vale could pull together knowing that outside forces are attacking, but greed is apparently more powerful than self-preservation through cooperation.

I just couldn’t stand by while that gnoll was pummeling the villager. He’s stabilized now, but the same can’t be said for the gnoll’s friends. Apparently they were were some sort of tax collectors. Of course their behavior seemed more like a collection of protection money. We’ll have to poke around here for a while to see if we can help out the people somehow.



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