Scales of War

Rutilius Log5 pg1

Ok, so those 2 newbies didn’t pan out. At least they had enough money on them so that I don’t have to raid the group funds to resurrect them. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have to resurrect anyone if everyone didn’t just disappear. Why can’t I keep them together? Doesn’t everyone realize that we’re much stronger together? How much good we could do? If Thorn, Tier, and Everean were here, I’d be pushing to take out the lost one’s once and for all. If they are willing to torture poor Alice just because she met us before, then they need to be stopped immediately. Unfortunately, I’d probably have to motivate Everan and Nikku (I’d even be happy if he stayed with us, despite the creepy aura he gave off) by focusing on revenge, but it would be worth it to help the people of outlook.

Unfortunately, we have to run away with our tails between our legs, once I get Brandis to sober up. I hope we find some worth additions to the group soon, otherwise, we won’t last much longer.



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