Scales of War

Summary to date

_Party Members: 1. Rutilius 2. Brandis 3. Tier 4. Thorn 5. Erevan_

Rescue At Rivenroar • Hobgoblin warband seeking to gain fame and fortune is urged by mysterious “Emissary” to attack town of Brindol. • Hobgoblin band attacks, stealing relics and kidnappings townsfolk. • Plan on sacrificing townsfolk to cement undead’s aid at homebase of Castle Rivenroar.

Seige At Bordrin’s Watch The party respond to a call to arms: an orc invasion of Elsir Vale is imminent. After a meeting with the Council of Overlook the party are sent on a mission to rescue monks from a monastery. All but one are dead. The party is then sent to seal the Nexus in order to prevent the orc army from breaching the defenses and sweeping unhindered into Elsir Vale.

The Shadowrift At Umbraforge After being targeted by a group of “Lost Ones” the party investigates the instigator of the attacks, Modra. It seems he seeks a key they found in the last adventure. Their investigations lead them to an inn, and from there to a portal to the Shadowfell. Chasing Modra the party find themselves in the military enclave of Umbraforge. After battling Modra in a foundry the party enters Sarshan’s tower, and learns about the arms dealer. Thanks to the foundry exploding the party is able to escape back to Overlook.

_A Shadar-Kai named Niku joins the party as a way to get out of Overlook and avoid Sarshan’s wrath. Thorn randomly abandons the party without reason._

The Lost Mines of Karak The party is sent to find lost mines by a wealthy dwarf, Bram Ironfell. It seems the mines are linked to Sarshan in some way. The party travels to the Thornwaste, and is attacked by a rival dwarf clan en route. They reach a village being terrorised by gnolls led by the Warden, whom in turn works for the Queen of the Drylands. Tracking back the party find the queen’s HQ to be the Karak Lode, the fortified mine occupied by monsterous forces. Finding their way to the lower levels the party finds the queen, who guards a portal to the Elemental Chaos.

_Tier, Erevan abandon the party without reason. Niku refuses to return to Overlook and leaves the party. Brandis and Rutilius recruit two new members who die in their first fight. Brandis and Rutilius recruit four more members: 1. Benn 2. Tabri 3. Puck 4. Corrin_

Den of The Destroyer After freeing a messenger from the Lost Ones and meeting a bounty hunter called Gilgathorn the party is called back to Brindol. There the platinum sword they recovered earlier (RaR) speaks to them: they must take the sword to an abandoned githzerai fortress, defeat the gnolls that infest the place and perform a restoration ritual to free the sword’s occupant. The partry is attacked by mercenaries and joined once more by Gilgathorn, who is waiting for the best moment to stab them in the back. Finding the fortress they battle Fangren and his pack, and repurpose a portal to the Elemental Chaos to restore Amyria. The party learn that Sarshan is behind the problem with the gnolls and also that he was the “emissary” who trick the hobgoblins into attacking Brindol (in the first adventure).

Leader of The Lost Ones The party is captured outside in an ambush outside of Overlook, and are brought before the leader of the Lost Ones guild. To everyone surprise, the leader is an adult black dragon that secretly controls the guild from deep within the sewers below Overlook. Only a small few know the truth about this, and the ordinary guild members themselves think the head is a human. Therefore, most of the force which captured the party do not enter the dragon’s lair with the party. The party manages to slay the dragon, steal his gold, and find their way back out to Shantytown.

The party is shocked when their leader Rutilius abandons the party without reason.The new guy Puck also leaves, something about “Black Dragons? Screw this!”



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