Scales of War

The Temple Between Page 1

After surviving a roving band of plot holes the group finds itself back in Overlook without Rutie or Puck. At the main gate they discover that the city of Overlook is taking a “better safe than slaughtered” philosophy to public works. Significant building is going on along all defenses in the city. The remaining group settles down in a tavern for some much deserved rest and is informed by the tavern keeper that Lavinya, a priestess of Erathis, is looking for their aid. The team quickly senses evil afoot and immediately leaves with the new dwarf in tow (or will that be something else next week?)

Lavinya informs them that her friend Haelyn, another priestess of Erathis, has gone missing. Haelyn has been replaced by Grovald, someone who Lavinya has never heard of before. Lavinya feels stonewalled by the authorities and by other priests and priestesses in the city. The religious leaders are even acting weird, especially Durkik the High priest of Moradin at the Stone Anvil. The Misfits decide to check out Haelyn’s home even though it’s late at night. Upon searching the shrine of Erathis, they are attacked by the new priest who was actually a changeling impersonating a priest.

After interrogating the spirit of Grovald, they learn that he was working for someone named General Zithiruun and reporting to Durkik. The next morning the Misfits are ambushed on their way to the Stone Anvil, the grand temple of Moradin. The Misfits discover that the Stone Anvil is mostly empty of priests. They are all working on the reconstruction of the temple in the nine bells region of the city. When attempting to look at the back parts of the temple they are immediately kicked out by Durkik.

At the Nine-bells temple of Moradin they find significant construction being funded by Murrik Ironfell, who is pushing some sort of grudge against the party. At this point, the group is divided as to what to do next?


What plot holes?! There are no plot holes in my story. You’re just jealous! :D

The Temple Between Page 1

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