Scales of War

Thorn Lg2 Pg4

It feels good to be able to relax a bit…still, something doesn’t feel quite right. I’m learning more about what makes the members of our group tick. The halfling is interested in money and clearing her name of some past atrocity. She has taken a shine to me, even called me ‘cute’. She’s not my type, but it’s still flattering…except when she pats me on the head and calls me kitty. The Deva seems to be fascinated with the workings of the steam pipes in the dwarven caves, you can almost see the gears turning in her head…I bet she would make HERSELF steam powered if she could. The bug man-thing has been a good companion, I have more in common with him than the others oddly enough…it must be the connection to nature, we see the world in a similar manner. The Goliath is…well…dumb. He’s been sulking around wondering when the next battle will be. We tolerate him for a time but after a while the druid will distract him with a shiny beetle and he lumbers away chasing after it.

The nexus was an interesting place. The use of steam to open and seal the different tunnel accesses was remarkable. I can see why the Deva is enamored by it. We found the leader of the Orc horde hiding down there and were able to stop him from opening the flood gates to allow his army to penetrate our lands. We sealed the nexus ensuring that the orcs would be stopped. Not having another option they attacked Bordrin’s watch and were eventually defeated. I have an uneasy feeling that although we have one this skirmish and things are quiet, there is still more to come. But I’ll worry about that later…right now I’m going to enjoy the company of my friends and the time off from battle. I might even bed down with the Halfling, after I’ve had enough to drink…a ‘2 at 10’ is a ‘10 at 2’ kind of thing.


Just because she thinks she is cute doesn’t mean she will sleep with you. She’s not a whore, just the spawn of one.

Thorn Lg2 Pg4

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