Scales of War

Thorn Log1 pg2

It felt good to kill some goblins…the ogre was fun too, although I think in the future I will stay back and let my bow do the work…that hurt.

It looks as though fortune chose to smile on me. The thought had just crossed my mind that I needed a party to watch my back when I was seated with a group of TRUE adventurers. It’s refreshing to see people handle themselves in a real battle for a change. The goblins were ferocoius in their attack, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them this organized…and then there’s the ogre, how they were able to control that beast is worthy of investigating. Maybe we will find the answer during our current assignment.

The group of adventurers I battled alongside last night and I have been charged with the recovery of seven townsfolk as well as several artifacts that were taken from town during the raid. We expect that the road will be rough, catacombs are never very inviting…especially when they play host to the undead. It will be interesting to see how our little group grows and if we can, in fact, accomplish this task with honor…we shall see.



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