Scales of War

Thorn Log3 pg1

All members of the Dark One’s are officially on my shit list, if I run into any of them they will be shot on site. I think in the future we should be a little more diligent in avoiding dark alleyways…that was close. We’ve heard Morda’s name again. It seems like he is the one behind the orc attacks, and if he is behind them, he could be behind something else…possibly something worse. We ran into a half-elf ranger named Reniss, she is also looking for Modra and has been fairly useful on our quest so far, it helps having another archer in the group.

We followed the information to the Happy Beggar where we found a secret passage that led to a cavern. In the cavern we ran into some of Modra’s henchmen including a witch…they gave us a little trouble thanks to a stupid bat that gave up our position, but ultimately were easy to defeat. Surprisingly we kept the witch alive and Erevan is questioning her now…I’ll be more than happy to help if she needs it.

What happens next is uncertain, it all depends on the information we get from the witch.



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