Scales of War

Thorn Log3 Pg2

Umbraforge is disgusting. A wreched place filled to the brim with the the foulest creatures one could ever imagine. Mercenaries and drones working together in hopes of receiving scraps form the table of someone named Sarshan who is lord of this domain. We came here in pursuit of Modra, who was apparently working outside of Sarshan’s scope when he supplied the Orc army with overstock weapons from Sarshan’s stockpile.

While trying to gather more information about Sarshan and what he intends to do with such a large mercenary force when a band of ogres decided to test their metal against us…they lost. We were unable to find out exactly what Sarshan’s intentions are before being attacked by the ogres, and after such an encounter the opinion has been conveyed that it may be a good idea to go back to town and alert the authorities. It may be wise to let them know what is going on before any large scale attacks come about, however I feel that we might have a better chance of discovering the true intentions of Sarshan if we continue on our own a bit longer. We don’t even know if Sarshan is the mind behind the madness or if he’s working for someone else. I think we should press forward.



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