Scales of War

Tier Log1 Pg2

Humans confuse us. They know not who ‘they’ are. What is ‘they’, there is only ‘us’. ‘They’ are disconnected and alone. We are not. Goblin things attack and ‘they’ go apart instead of coming together. Some fight. Perhaps these are ones we are looking for. Perhaps they don’t want to be alone. We will join them, we will help them. Maybe we will even enlighten them.

We are still hidden. They don’t see us, they see him. Human thing. ‘Tier’ is his name. Name of human friend who is not with us. Name of human friend who died. We will honor his name. We will honor his face.

We fought goblin things and we won. We are happy that we have helped them, helped us. We fought together, as one. Perhaps there is hope for human things. We will stay with them, we will help them.

We sleep….

We now going to castle to find more goblin things. Goblin things are wrong. Goblin things are ‘bad’? Human term. We fight more, but now we are afraid. Magic is fading. Soon they won’t see him, soon they will see us. How will they treat us?



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