Scales of War

Tier Log1 pg3

Our magic has faded! But they do not seem disturbed by it. This we don’t understand. Been long time since our people moved among them, may they have changed, maybe they have become more tolerant? We do not like these goblin things. They hurt us with little lizards. We don’t like them either. A small one was found, a dwarf? It is strange they are all the same, yet they do not act as one. They divide. They separate. Why do they not see the truth. One is all and all is one. We have found doorway to elsewhere. Do not like this elsewhere. Ghost things attack us, we will fight back. We will fight with others….they are dead. We are starting to think together. The big one, Brandis, will not stop staring at bugs. He not do anything bad, but we are confused as to why he fascinated by bugs. Dwarf leads us to more combat, to more fighting. Is he on our side or is he trying to kill us? Hard to understand how they think. If he was with us, he would fight with us, would he not?

We have found more death. But party is sad at death, seeing it as end. We know better, we know that death leads to life and life leads to death. What dies, grows again. We have decided that we will helps them. We will educate them, show them the truth. Have found a female, Mirtala is her name. (We are still struggling wth he/she/his/her). She alive but does not speak. The sneaky one, Everan, speaks to her. He calms her and she speaks. He learns he does not only kill, he can create. They will soon all learn. We are ready to move on, we are feeling we belong. These others are strange, but they are good? Term is still strange but we are starting to understand.



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