Scales of War

Tier Log1 pg4

Undead things not natural. They do not belong, we must destroy them. They harm the balance, and they harm us. We will fight them when we can.

We are learning to fight together. We are learning to fight with them, we are becoming us. They are learning there is no ‘me’, no ‘I’. Just us and the greater good. They are learning, good.

We fight more of these things, we fight more of these undead. We encounter one that is different. One that is human. He fights with zombie things and ghoul things. We will fight them, we will confuse them.

Short one needs distraction, we will provide distraction. Our bugs will attack them. He will kill them. The ‘old’ one, she with many memories, she balances, she heals. The big one, he attacks. The one with bow, he kills with skill. We work together, we are growing as team. We win, we kill undead things, and human in charge. We will continue to look, to help village. To help them.



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