Scales of War

Tier Log2 pg1b

Tier Log2 pg1

We have traveled far to reach this new town. It was strange, though, riding on horses. We are used to walking with nature and not running through it quickly. We must be careful when the large one is on watch. He means well, but is too easily distracted by shiny things and bugs. At least with his bug fascination, we won’t need to worry about him wandering off.

We have met elves. It has been too long since talking with the long lived ones. They were not very talkative, unlike our clan, but they did warn us about orcs. We do not know as much about the larger world, but we don’t think there should be this many elves.

We have reached the big they call it.. We are uncomfortable here. There are no trees and animals, and far too many people. Thorn knows how we feel, he is as uncomfortable as we are.

The end of human…I think they call it greed. Nature provides enough for all, yet there are those who must have more. Thieves they call themselves. Like the little one. She feels she must steal to prove her worth. Her worth is in her actions.

We fought these thieves, and saved man and woman. They were not as grateful as we would think. The large one must learn to control anger towards orcs. It will get him hurt.



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