Scales of War

Umbraforge 1

Umbraforge 1

Session Date: 1/29/10

While taking some down time in Overlook, the PCs decided to have the brass key (found on the dark one in the last adventure) looked at. They were curious about what it might open. They found out no information, and began to assume they would never know.

The next day, though, they were ambushed in an alleyway by a group of Lost One rogues. The Lost Ones were strong and came close to killing Thorn. However, in the end the Misfits survived the attack, and killed all but a wizard who manages to evade them in the busy streets. On one of the bodies, they found a note from Modra directing them to get the key from you by any means.

The PCs had heard the name Modra once before in the caverns of the Nexus. So they began investigating Modra and where to find him. during their investigation, they learned of a half-elf who had also been searching for Modra, and where she was staying. They went to her inn and waited for her. The half-elf, Reniss, was willing to exchange information that she’d learned regarding Modra. After some discussion with her, the group decided to check out an almshouse called The Happy Begger. Reniss accompanied them the next day.

After some exploration of the Happy Begger, a secret passage in the basement was found. The party followed it down into some caverns. Waiting in the darkness was a group of Shadowhunter Bats. The PCs killed 3, but the forth flew down a tunnel screeching, alerting anyone who might be present.

The cavern gave way to worked stone and stair, which led to a chamber. Some kind of teleportation portal stands in the center of this room. There, they quickly attacked by a group of dark ones, a shadar-kai, and a pair of shadow hounds. The Misfits killed all but the shadar-kai witch. They left her alive, barely, in order to question her. Erevan plans to cut her until she tells them everything they want to know.

  • Previous: 4581
  • Awarded: 750each
  • Total: 5331

Level 5 is at 5500

  • Defensive Battleaxe +2
  • Scalebane Shortbow +2
  • Potion of Healing (1)
  • 30gp



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