Scales of War

Umbraforge 2

Umbraforge 2

Session Date: 2/5/10

The group interrogated the witch, and found out some information about Modra, and that he is being hunted by an organization run by someone named Sarshan. The witch convinced them that she could help them get past the wraiths in the next room, if they let her go in first. However, when she entered the room Modra was waiting and killed her, took her brass key (which opens a gate in this room to the shadowfell), called upon the wraiths to fight the party, and escaped into the shadowfell gate. After killing the wraiths, the party pursued him into the shadowfell.

There they discovered Umbraforge, a huge military compound run by a shadar-kai named Sarshan. They entered the compound unnoticed, pretending to be mercenaries, like most others here. Minor tremors pass through the area at regular intervals. The residents of the camps around the tower have grown used to these tremors, so they pay them no mind.

They spent one night here, and collected a little bit of information about Modra and why Sarshan is hunting him. They have not collected much information about military operations that are happening here. It seems that Sarshan is equipping & training large mercenary forces, as well as slaves for something large. One must wonder where the heck all those armies are going and how big this operation is if an orcish army (the one that attacked Overlook) can be supplied with its leftovers and nobody even noticed until later. However, after being attacked by a group of training Ogres, looking to show off by beating on what appeared to be puny weaklings, the party is now considering going back through the portal to Overlook and reporting their findings to the authorities there.

  • Previous: 5331
  • Awarded: 500each
  • Total: 5831
  • Level 5!

Level 6 is at 7500

  • 1gp



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