Scales of War

Umbraforge 3

Umbraforge 3

Session Date: 2/19/10

The party received a tip on where Modra would be. He had plans at the Dark Foundry, where there is supposedly a secret tunnel which connects the foundry and the Tower. The party discovered a crack in the wall in the foundry, where the could enter unannounced. Upon entering the foundry, they found Modra and his minions working to sabotage the foundry, along with the remains of the foundry guards. The party attacked, and Modra released one of the monstrous creation of the foundry; a huge two-headed boar. After a long fight, the Misfits survived and slayed Modra and his crew.

  • Previous: 5831
  • Awarded: 745each
  • Total: 6576

Level 6 is at 7500

  • Knifethrower’s Gauntlets
  • +2 Bloodcut Hide Armor
  • Potion of Lifeshield
  • 400gp



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