Scales of War

Umbraforge 4

Umbraforge 4

Session Date: 3/5/10

Shadar-kai suck. Bugs suck even worse.

The party enters a secret tunnel which leads to the tower. The tunnel leads to another secret door which opens into a library. While the shadar-kai occupants are not surprised by the secret door opening, they are shocked to see the party enter. With the party winning initiative they quickly attack first. The shadar-kai seem to be much more challenging opponents than the Dark Ones have been.

After slaying the poor helpless knowledge seekers in the library, they find a laboratory to the north and follow a stairwell heading up. Upstairs they find a garden within the tower; infested with bugs. Swarms attack them when they enter. A battle of bug swarms ensued, as the swarm druid fought them well.

  • Previous: 6576
  • Awarded: 550each
  • Total: 7126

Level 6 is at 7500

  • 110 gp
  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • Iron Armbands of Power
  • 30 gp of Alchemical Reagents



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