Halfing Rogue


A new thief with dreams of greatness and power. Slightly evil but generally noble under the right circumstances.

Erevan is a young girl whose mother is a whore. She doesn’t know her father, but assumes he was one of her mothers customers. She was thrown in prison for helping one of the nobles daughter, Jade, escape her abusive father, Enoth, by hiding her in her home. Jade was caught at the city gate and the noble had her arrested on kidnapping charges because the girl claimed she kidnapped her. She spent a decade in prison. While in prison she met Dalen Japheth, a master thief who had “retired” to the prison. He took her under his wing and protected her. He taught her the noble ways of thievery including slight of hand and how to fight. When the guards killed him for giving her some of his food, she decided it was time to leave. She slit the guards throat when he came for his nightly “visit” and sneaked out of the prison.

She stole into the nobles home to confront the girl, but found her dead in her bed. The chambermaid came in and saw her and called for the city guards. She knock out the maid, and escaped out the window and over the city wall. As she was escaping she stole the nobles journal which he described the killer whom he had hired. She stowed away on a ship headed for the Elsir Vale. She then slipped in with a canavan head for Bristol. Erevan just received word from one of her friends in the Neverwinter thieves guild that Enoth strangled her mother and left for the Elsir Vale.

When she was younger she was apprenticed to the thieves guild in neverwinter, when she was caught by the guards for the kidnapping she revealed under torture and rape who the current leadership were at the time. They were executed by the noblity and the guild swore revenge on her. In prison, she had to avoid several murder attempts by the guild. Several of her friends in the guild however don’t blame her and still provide information when ever they can.

Her basic motivation is to find Jades killer and clear her name so that she can return home. Her secondary motivation is to kill Enoth, slowly and painfully.


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