Deva Artificer


STR 12 CON 17 DEX 10 INT 19 WIS 14 CHA 8

Likes throwing Daggers.

Favorite power: Magic Weapon while standing next to the ranger.


By the time the hounds fracture my left arm, I can hardly distinguish each of the wounds as separate. The pain blurs together. The screams stop abruptly as the jaws shred open my abdomen. All I can manage is a wet gurgle, can’t even cough up the blood I feel pooling in my mouth. I begin to pray that the dogs will end it soon, but know when I see Gruthrak’s face that he won’t let it end that quickly. He’s trained his dogs well, they quickly leave me when he calls. He wastes a whole day torturing me before giving me the release of death. I hope I bought my friends enough time.

Please, no more pain

As the armies of Keldar pushed the orc hordes into the river sealing their destruction, Gradum kneels beside me. I can tell by the look on his face that the wound is as bad as it feels. At least I saved him, I kept my promise to Engrid. It almost makes the pain bearable.

Please, let me rest

Otegro doesn’t see the spined devil rising behind him. My hasty shout of warning only refocuses the fiend’s attack. At least the spike that puncture’s my skull quickly severs my connection to this plane.

Please, this is enough

Fire, heat, the stench of charring skin.


The vortex of light and sound erupts from the wand. Each illithid in it’s path is instantly killed the arcs of lightning destroy minds as well as bodies. I can’t believe they would sit on this sort of power. Had they harvested it, the sun would be removed from the sky at a whim. I’m no longer just concerned with the coven around us, my mind can seek out each illithid for miles. A shift in concentration and a group of demons several leagues away no longer exist. The city of Kutrha prepares for war, to offer slaves and sacrifices to the spider queen. From one instant to the next, the army ceases to exist, every solder, weapon, and scrap of cloth is gone. If only I had finished reading the text a second earlier, the beam might not have disintegrated my chest. Before my body crashes to the floor, I notice Brandeth is unable to hold back his tears.


As the reoccurring nightmare wakes me, I feel the call. The time has come to depart the abbey. The time has come to protect another. Maybe this time is different. Maybe I’m the one who’s supposed to survive. It matters not. I am summoned, and therefore I go.

I quickly pack up a few of my most recent projects and the armor that Krandelm has lovingly crafted and maintained for me since appeared here 2 years ago. I don’t bother with words of parting. Everyone knows I would leave anyway. This morning I travel North. By nightfall, I’ll be where I need to be. After that, I will receive no more guidance, only pain and death, the only question is how many I will take with me.

At the exact moment of sunset, I pass through the door of the tavern. The sound level is jarring after years of tranquility at the abbey. Most people are normal, small lives that flicker and burn out without leaving a mark on the fabric of the world, but there are others here. They have potential. The web of destiny pulls at them. I can see already the potential for connections. Its pointless to try to glean more from the future. I approach the closest of the potential ones and introduce myself.


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