Scales of War

Bordrin's Watch 1

Session Date: 1/1/10

The party had previously heard about a call to arms sent by the city of Overlook. Apparently Overlook is expecting an orc invasion from the west of the Stonehome mountains. While the party rested from their attack on the ruins beneath Rivenroar Castle, they decided to head for Overlook to help in the defense of Overlook and Elsir Vale.

Before leaving, Adronsius, the dwarven alchemist, rewarded them for rescuing him by giving them a sack full of Alchemical Reagents.

They also met another Adventuring Group, called the Freeriders, who were on their way to Overlook.

After a couple days of rest, the party purchased some horses and headed towards Overlook. They spent several days traveling without incident. However, during the night they spent in The Westdeep, they were surprised by a pack of dire wolves which had infiltrated their camp.

The next day, some elves were spotted near the road. The wilden druid spoke with them and learned of orc scouting parties in the area. Once they were out of the forest and back on the plains near Overlook, they followed the tracks of a caravan that had been captured by orcs, and fought and killed the orcs that were camped with the wagons.

When they finally arrived in Overlook, they met with Bram Ironfell to return a pile of documents from the caravan and inform him of it’s fate.

While shopping in Tradetown, the group came upon a shop owner and his wife being threatened by a group of thieves. The party attacked the thieves and killed most of them. Unfortunately allowing two to escape. The shop owner informed them that the thieves were agents of The Lost Ones, a prominent thieve’s guild in Overlook, and that the party may have made a powerful enemy.

On the advice of Bram Ironfell, the group decides to inform the Council of Elders of what they learned about the orcs on their way From Brindol.

  • Previous: 2250
  • Awarded: 2322/5 = 464each
  • Total: 2714

  • +1 Darkleaf Leather Armor
  • 300gp
  • 680gp worth of Alchemical Reagents
Brandis Log1 pg6

For some reason me cannot remember much…it almost like me was controlled by something else…me has no idea why this happened…and me hope it never happens again…Pretty Lady and Bug Man filled me in on what happened after the fact…it seems that me did a good job helping the group out again so me guess me can’t complain too much…ok, me can a little me guess…but all is well and we be moving on…me hopes this doesn’t happen again though…it scared me…

Thorn Log1 Pg3

The party seems to be getting along well now. We have come together nicely and are beginning to hit a stride, playing off of each other’s strengths to achieve a quick victory over our foes. There are rumors of an Orc army gathering to the West…many other towns are sending fighters and adventurers to head off the threat before it becomes to big to manage. I believe we will aid in the battle as well. This is not the first time the Orcs have tried to take over the land, nor will it be the last. One would think that the Orcs would keep some sort of written history so they might learn from their past mistakes…then again, they are only Orcs.

Rutilius Log1 pg6

At least we only lost one soul hostage in our quest. I can’t say I’m happy about that, but I don’t know anything we could have done to save him. At least we got justice for his death, that entire group of fiends will be troubling this land no more. Once we return the townsfolk to Rivenroar, I try to convince my new compatriots that we should stay together and help out with the approaching war to the west. No one seems terribly excited so I try to push the idea that at least there will be plenty of shinny trinkets to plunder out there. That at least gets the halfling’s attention.

Speaking of shiny trinkets, this dagger is awesome. I’m certain I could replicate this spell if I had a little time. And now that I think about it, we never did ask the witch why the goblins were torturing her… Maybe I should look her up before we hit the road…

Rescue at Rivenroar 5

Session Date: 12/18/09

The party continues on, searching for the remaining prisoners. They enter an huge throne room. Seated in the thrones are a skeleton and a wight. The wight raises several of the skeletal remains in the room to help destroy the adventurers. Ultimately, it is the wight and the skeletons who are destroyed. Hidden in secret side compartments within the thrones, the party finds two magic daggers and some gold. Down the hall, they discover Thurann, the 8-year-old boy who was captured from Brindol, alive and mostly unharmed.

He mentions that he’s seen the old witch Zerriksa being held near a room full of mushrooms. The party recognizes the reference, and finds her as well, after battling a couple of very large rage drakes.

Although, they’ve gathered all of the captured prisoners from Brindol now. They have not found all of the artifacts, nor have they found any sign of the supposed leader of this hobgoblin group; Sinruth. Knowing that there is only one route in the catacombs that they’ve yet to explore, they head back up to check it out.

Upon exploring that route, they come upon the large hobgoblin Sinruth. Despite his size and toughness, the team fights well and slays Sinruth easily. In Sinruth’s chamber, they find the remaining artifacts, as well as a pair of magical bracers. On his body, along with a pouch of gold, they find some papers: In his breast pocket, Sinruth keeps a region map with several paths and good ambush spots marked, a map of Brindol with the Hall of Great Valor marked, and the letter shown below.

With their quests fully completed, they head back to Brindol to collect their recognition and rewards.

Letter from emmisary

  • Previous: 1661
  • Awarded: 2275/5 = 455each
  • Xmas Bonus: 134each
  • Total: 2250 (Level 3)

  • +1 Luckblade Dagger
  • +1 Lifedrinker Dagger
  • Bracers of Archery
  • 2 Potions of Healing
  • 540gp
Erevan Log 1 pg 1

God, forever in this dungeon and very little loot. Luckily, we found that guard captain dead and I didn’t have to flee again. The big guy, what’s his name, doesn’t seem very strong, but then again we make a good team. I think the next time I go raiding a dungeon, I’ll bring him along. The ranger and the druid have their uses, but I think next time I need to find a more how do you say, amoral team, since the diva witch always wants to do some thing or another to help people.

Why should I help anyone? The last time I did that, I ended up in some city jail and had to fight off the advances of several drunken inmates and a few guards. I am lucky I escaped that place when I did or else I probably wouldn’t be here. That girl we rescued, she reminded me of how I felt in that place.

Rutilius Log1 pg5

OK, that writhing mass of necrotic flesh was definitely one of the more disgusting things I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, it really might be interesting to come back and try to decipher how it was conjured. This place is full of an amazing amount of necrotic energy. Exactly how long did it take the ancient masters of this place to infuse this much unholy power, and more importantly, why would they have expended the energy. I’m guessing they were worshiper’s of Vecna as we’ve actually seen 2 altars dedicated to him. But the current owners don’t appear to care that much for that particular evil god.

At least we were able to rescue another of the townsfolk and the artifacts, but there are still others out there. I need to find a way to better influence this group to be concerned with others. They had so much strength left in them, if only they would believe in them selves, we could have rescued everyone and been out of here last night.

Brandis Log1 pg5

ok…me decided…me no like little drakes…they spit on me and hurt…must remember to always kill them first now on…we explored more of this dungeon…whatever a dungeon is…me don’t know…but we got to kill more stuff…found another person we were told to find and some of the arti…artif…things we were asked to find too…plus me found a really shiny piece of armor…everyone let me have it and it made me happy….we stopped in this big room where we found some of the arti…me give up…things we were asked to find…not sure where we will go from here…but apparently we not done down here yet so me guess we go on looking…hope we get done soon…me no like being down here underground where me can’t see the sun and sky…by Kord’s strength we will be done soon me hope…

Tier Log1 pg4

Undead things not natural. They do not belong, we must destroy them. They harm the balance, and they harm us. We will fight them when we can.

We are learning to fight together. We are learning to fight with them, we are becoming us. They are learning there is no ‘me’, no ‘I’. Just us and the greater good. They are learning, good.

We fight more of these things, we fight more of these undead. We encounter one that is different. One that is human. He fights with zombie things and ghoul things. We will fight them, we will confuse them.

Short one needs distraction, we will provide distraction. Our bugs will attack them. He will kill them. The ‘old’ one, she with many memories, she balances, she heals. The big one, he attacks. The one with bow, he kills with skill. We work together, we are growing as team. We win, we kill undead things, and human in charge. We will continue to look, to help village. To help them.

Rescue at Rivenroar 4

Session Date: 12/11/09

Though exhausted from a long day, the party is convinced by Rutilius that the prisoners lives are at risk, and they should press on instead of resting yet. So they head up some stairs and find some goblins and drakes waiting for them. After slaying them, Erevan and Brandis find the prisoner Jalissa tied up in the next room. She hysterically clings to Erevan, and obey her every command without question. Erevan decides that she want to check the sarcophagi, and convinces Brandis to open them. Inside they find many valuable items from jewelry to magic armor. The party then decides to backtrack and rob the other sarcophagi, they’d seen previously in the dungeon. There they find more treasure and more magic items.

At this point, the party cannot be convinced to delay their sleep any longer. Happy to have found another prisoner alive, Rutilius concedes. They are awoken in the night by a group of hobgoblins who had searched them out after finding nearby bodies. However, the patrol was small in strength and easily dispatched, before the halfling had even woken up.

In the morning they press on hoping they do not find the remaining prisoners dead. They encounter a group of ghouls and zombies in one room. A tough battle ensues, during which Erevan falls unconscious in front of a vicious ghoul. He is quickly saved by his party though.

After resting Erevan sneaks down a dangerously unstable hallway to discover a giant “meat snake” in the next room. She tries to lure it down the hallway, but discovers it to be locked in some kind of magical prison. That is until some goblins come into view and release it. The snake charges down the hall, climbing on the walls, but is dead before it ever reaches the party. Upon seeing the undead snake killed so easily, the goblins run away.

Encouraged by their swift victory against the snake, the adventurers quickly pursue the goblins into some sort of temple, which in addition to the goblins contains a human and a pair of zombies. After a long battle with the creatures in this room, the adventurers emerge victorious.

In the temple room, next to a black obelisk which seems to be dedicated to Vecna, they find a few of the missing treasures: the ceremonial sward, the broken shields, and the battle standard.

The adventuring party is getting close to completing their quest.

  • Previous: 1196
  • Awarded: 2325/5 = 465each
  • Total: 1661

  • +1 Mithral Chainmail
  • +1 Shielding wand
  • +1 Predator Hide Armor
  • 260gp

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