Scales of War

Tier Log3 Pg2

The Shadowfell feels wrong. It is an unnatural place and we do not feel comfortable. But we must do what is best for all and find this Modra.

The Goliath seems happy here, although there is only death and violence. We hope we will be able to return home. This place is dry and hot. Wait… it has started to snow…it will not last….

Rutilius Log3 pg2

I have died here too many times to ever feel comfortable in the Shadowfell. This place always has the most repugnant odor. It’s not like the underdark which smells like death’s foot funk. It’s more like this place is mint tea sweetened with manure. It’s just close enough to something nice that you can never really stop smelling it. Of course the lack of latrine facilities in this camp give something else to dwell on.

It really doesn’t help that I still feel lost here. We’re chasing after Modra, who is bad, but has apparently ticked off Sarshan who is even worse. While Modra is apparently responsible for arming everyone in the vale, he did it out of Sarshan’s surplus. That’s saying something for the size of his war chest. And Sarshan didn’t want to get involved not because he liked the vale (and puppies), but because he didn’t think he could wring enough money out of it to justify the resources required.

I’d be for running back to the vale in a heartbeat if I thought we had enough information to allow for some form of defense. I’m going to go by the dark forge and see if I can gleen anything useful.

Brandis Log3 pg2

WHHHHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Me in heaven in this new world we came to…lots of training, lots of areans to fight in…like me back fighing as a gladiator…me never wants to leave this place…all though me don’t think everyone else is enjoying it much, if at all….but me don’t like it when me has to sit around and not do nothing when they are going around town and talking and stuff….anyway, we had a real fun fight with some orcs and a big spider….me wasn’t very pleased that the spider spit on me but thats part of fighting….we killed the spider so thats all that matters…me hope we stay a while longer…me really really like this place…

Umbraforge 2

Umbraforge 2

Session Date: 2/5/10

The group interrogated the witch, and found out some information about Modra, and that he is being hunted by an organization run by someone named Sarshan. The witch convinced them that she could help them get past the wraiths in the next room, if they let her go in first. However, when she entered the room Modra was waiting and killed her, took her brass key (which opens a gate in this room to the shadowfell), called upon the wraiths to fight the party, and escaped into the shadowfell gate. After killing the wraiths, the party pursued him into the shadowfell.

There they discovered Umbraforge, a huge military compound run by a shadar-kai named Sarshan. They entered the compound unnoticed, pretending to be mercenaries, like most others here. Minor tremors pass through the area at regular intervals. The residents of the camps around the tower have grown used to these tremors, so they pay them no mind.

They spent one night here, and collected a little bit of information about Modra and why Sarshan is hunting him. They have not collected much information about military operations that are happening here. It seems that Sarshan is equipping & training large mercenary forces, as well as slaves for something large. One must wonder where the heck all those armies are going and how big this operation is if an orcish army (the one that attacked Overlook) can be supplied with its leftovers and nobody even noticed until later. However, after being attacked by a group of training Ogres, looking to show off by beating on what appeared to be puny weaklings, the party is now considering going back through the portal to Overlook and reporting their findings to the authorities there.

  • Previous: 5331
  • Awarded: 500each
  • Total: 5831
  • Level 5!

Level 6 is at 7500

  • 1gp
Tier Log3 Pg1

We were attacked by the cities thieves guild. They struck hard and they struck fast. Almost killed thorn. The one named Modra is responsible. We must find information about him. But first, we must rest.

We have met Reniss who also looks for Modra. She joins us and we are stronger now. With her help we find and kill those those hiding under the ‘Happy Beggar’ [ we do not understand name]. All but the witch. Perhaps there are answers.

Thorn Log3 pg1

All members of the Dark One’s are officially on my shit list, if I run into any of them they will be shot on site. I think in the future we should be a little more diligent in avoiding dark alleyways…that was close. We’ve heard Morda’s name again. It seems like he is the one behind the orc attacks, and if he is behind them, he could be behind something else…possibly something worse. We ran into a half-elf ranger named Reniss, she is also looking for Modra and has been fairly useful on our quest so far, it helps having another archer in the group.

We followed the information to the Happy Beggar where we found a secret passage that led to a cavern. In the cavern we ran into some of Modra’s henchmen including a witch…they gave us a little trouble thanks to a stupid bat that gave up our position, but ultimately were easy to defeat. Surprisingly we kept the witch alive and Erevan is questioning her now…I’ll be more than happy to help if she needs it.

What happens next is uncertain, it all depends on the information we get from the witch.

Erevan Log3 pg1

That is freaking it. I am done with these “Lost ones”. What the hell is wrong with them? Attacking another thief. God what jerks. And the diva, what the heck, she can’t even spell my name right. But oh well, the ranger got beaten on when we were ambushed which is a little sad. After scrounging around town for information, I think we have a lead on the lost ones. They are going to be in for a world of hurt when I find them.

Brandis Log3 pg1

Yea! Me finally found me little book…stupid book so small it got lost in me pack…anyway, things are about normal…we kill stuff, then move on, kill more stuff, then move….but me am enjoying as always…especially since me got this shiny glowy new battleaxe…me really likes it…things still go well with me group…we ran into some dogs the other day…they were not nice dogs, they were like dogs me had to fight in the arena…so we killed them..oh well, me bored writing so me gonna go find something else to do now…

Rutilius Log3 pg1

I’m finally thinking that there may be hope for Everan. She finally sees the benefits of removing such a corrupt organization as the Lost Ones. I was really beginning to believe that there was no redeeming her. Of course it took them jumping us in an alley with a hit out on our lives for him to come to this conclusion, but I’ll take what I can get.

After evading the Lost One’s trap, of course it would have been nice to have vanquished all of them (or maybe interrogated one), we continued searching for any clues to Modra’s whereabouts. After meeting up with Reniss, she gave us another lead. She came with us to search the Happy Beggar and I’m appalled to think that no one in the shelter noticed the secret passage. I’m not sure if they were just devoted to their duties, or if someone on the kitchen staff is working for Modra.

Now, it needs to be said. I hate guard dogs in any form. To think that someone would turn something as nice as a puppy into a vicious mean tool of war is just unconscionable. At any rate, I stepped out of the room shortly to write this and from the surviving dark one’s screams I think I’m going to be unhappy with Everan again.

Umbraforge 1

Umbraforge 1

Session Date: 1/29/10

While taking some down time in Overlook, the PCs decided to have the brass key (found on the dark one in the last adventure) looked at. They were curious about what it might open. They found out no information, and began to assume they would never know.

The next day, though, they were ambushed in an alleyway by a group of Lost One rogues. The Lost Ones were strong and came close to killing Thorn. However, in the end the Misfits survived the attack, and killed all but a wizard who manages to evade them in the busy streets. On one of the bodies, they found a note from Modra directing them to get the key from you by any means.

The PCs had heard the name Modra once before in the caverns of the Nexus. So they began investigating Modra and where to find him. during their investigation, they learned of a half-elf who had also been searching for Modra, and where she was staying. They went to her inn and waited for her. The half-elf, Reniss, was willing to exchange information that she’d learned regarding Modra. After some discussion with her, the group decided to check out an almshouse called The Happy Begger. Reniss accompanied them the next day.

After some exploration of the Happy Begger, a secret passage in the basement was found. The party followed it down into some caverns. Waiting in the darkness was a group of Shadowhunter Bats. The PCs killed 3, but the forth flew down a tunnel screeching, alerting anyone who might be present.

The cavern gave way to worked stone and stair, which led to a chamber. Some kind of teleportation portal stands in the center of this room. There, they quickly attacked by a group of dark ones, a shadar-kai, and a pair of shadow hounds. The Misfits killed all but the shadar-kai witch. They left her alive, barely, in order to question her. Erevan plans to cut her until she tells them everything they want to know.

  • Previous: 4581
  • Awarded: 750each
  • Total: 5331

Level 5 is at 5500

  • Defensive Battleaxe +2
  • Scalebane Shortbow +2
  • Potion of Healing (1)
  • 30gp

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