Scales of War

Brandis Log1 pg4

Wow me having fun down here…lots of stuff to kill and hit…didn’t like the cold things very much but we killed them so that made me happy…Pretty Lady is being a big help keeping me on me feet and all…wanted to hug her but was afraid to ask…we found some more of the people we were told to come get, well one of them we found parts of him…or her…me couldn’t tell, and didn’t really care…just wanted to kill whatever it was that did that…no one deserves to die that way…eventually we found some crazy lady that Pretty Lady said is one of the people we have to find…me got bored when everyone was trying to calm her down so me went and looked around the room…found some pretty glowy eyes in some statues…stared at them until everyone came and got me…now me guess we’ll be off to find the rest of the people…as long as there is monsters or people for me to fight…me be happy…

Rutilius Log1 pg4

This castle has moved from amazing innovation in paranoid property security to a tiring slog through hobgoblin, zombie, and rat blood. I’m doing my best to keep everyone’s spirits up and bodies going, but there are times it is just very hard to fight the inevitable end that I know lies before me. But I know I can’t rest yet. Otherwise more might die.

I nearly lost myself when I saw Kartenix. The thought that I had failed another was just too strong. I stumbled though the words of prayer, and when we finally left his body, I vowed we would not rest until we had found every last one of the abductees.

We rescued Mirtala well after the hobgoblins have tortured her nearly into madness. Even after calming her down, she can provide no real information about our surroundings. Luckily her lost directions directed us near Sertanian. We need to glean any information we can out of him in order to identify the stolen artifacts, he may even have a theory on why those pieces were taken. We can’t wait long though, we need to move quickly before anymore citizens die.

Tier Log1 pg3

Our magic has faded! But they do not seem disturbed by it. This we don’t understand. Been long time since our people moved among them, may they have changed, maybe they have become more tolerant? We do not like these goblin things. They hurt us with little lizards. We don’t like them either. A small one was found, a dwarf? It is strange they are all the same, yet they do not act as one. They divide. They separate. Why do they not see the truth. One is all and all is one. We have found doorway to elsewhere. Do not like this elsewhere. Ghost things attack us, we will fight back. We will fight with others….they are dead. We are starting to think together. The big one, Brandis, will not stop staring at bugs. He not do anything bad, but we are confused as to why he fascinated by bugs. Dwarf leads us to more combat, to more fighting. Is he on our side or is he trying to kill us? Hard to understand how they think. If he was with us, he would fight with us, would he not?

We have found more death. But party is sad at death, seeing it as end. We know better, we know that death leads to life and life leads to death. What dies, grows again. We have decided that we will helps them. We will educate them, show them the truth. Have found a female, Mirtala is her name. (We are still struggling wth he/she/his/her). She alive but does not speak. The sneaky one, Everan, speaks to her. He calms her and she speaks. He learns he does not only kill, he can create. They will soon all learn. We are ready to move on, we are feeling we belong. These others are strange, but they are good? Term is still strange but we are starting to understand.

Rescue at Rivenroar 3

Session Date: 12/04/09

Continuing to follow the dwarf’s directions toward Mirtala, the group comes across a room with zombies, a wight, and the half-eaten corpse of Kartenix; one of the prisoners they are trying to rescue.

The party fights their way though a couple more rooms filled with hobgoblins and dire rats, and finally find the prisoner, Mirtala, in the room with the rats. Unfortunately, while fighting the rats, Erevan, was bitten and contracted a Filth Fever disease. Mirtala has been harassed by the rats, and has the disease as well. She is nearly catatonic with fear, from her experience since being captured. However, Erevan manages to comfort her and convince her that she is safe with them. Mirtala then leads them back to an area they’ve already cleared in the catacombs, and they find Sertanian, the castellan of the Great Hall of Valor. He will be helpful in finding the missing treasures, since he is very familiar with them and knows what they look like.

  • Previous: 871
  • Awarded: 1625/5 = 325 each
  • Total: 1196 (LEVEL 2)

  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • 70gp
  • 100gp worth of Residuum
Rutilius Log1 pg3

This castle is fascinating. The ingenuity of these ancient traps is incredible. I’m thankful that Everan was quick and able to disable the braziers in the entrance. I was impressed with the sustainability of the tomb floor, until I saw the portal. The sheer arcane power needed to keep that portal sustained to the underdark is just…I’m in awe of whoever did it. If we didn’t need to save the townsfolk, I would love to stay here and investigate this.

Oh yes, we rescued the Adronsius who is leading us to the other captives that he knows about. And killed some goblins and drakes and some form of jelly from the portal.

But in the next room! A door that when opened is able to bind demons to it every time. Whoever placed all of these here must have been an amazingly powerful paranoid. I haven’t been this excited in a long while. I hope once we’re done here, I’ll be able to spend some time investigating these apparatuses.

Brandis Log1 pg3

Well we saw lots of dirty rooms when we went into the dungeon…but it was fun, me got to kill lotso f stuff…we found a weird little man that said he is a dwarf…me just call him Shorty…we also found some pretty glowing pictures in one room…me so wanted to play with them but Pretty Lady told me not to so me didn’t….then we found these moving shadows in this room with a big gloat picture…was told not to touch it so me didn’t…now we looking for some lady that Shorty said he knew where she is…onward we go me guess…so far me likes this group ..

Rescue at Rivenroar 2

Session Date: 11/13/09

The party chooses to proceed through the doors marked “To Von Jallach”. Upon, opening them the Braziers start to move along the grooves in the floor. The rogue quickly disables them. They climb a flight of stairs into a crypt room with glowing runes on the floor. Also in the room are swarms of tiny drakes. The group starts to fight the drakes, when suddenly a goblin appears from the shadows flanking Tier. Once all the creatures are dead, they move on to the next room where they find the dwarf, Adronsius (one of the captured townsmen), shackled to the wall. He is badly beaten. The goblins obviously took joy in his pain. Once healed, he gives the party directions to where the hobgoblins are keeping Mirtala.

They head back down to the entry room and through the door marked “To Von Urstadt”. This leads to what appears to be the main living quarters for the hobgoblins. Several hobgoblin grunts, goblin snipers, and a tougher hobgoblin cease to exist. The larger hobgoblin carried a magic longbow, which Thorn retrieves.

The next room contains a one-way portal from the shadowfell. A swampy area with a castle in the distance can be seen through it. Brandis feels a deep chill in his bones, while Rutilius is examining the portal. As they are about to leave, they notice movement in the murky waters beyond the portal. A Ochre Jelly monster moves through the portal and attacks the party. While fighting it the group is surprised to discover that the chills that they’ve been feeling were caused by a pair of specters in the room, which attack as well. After a dangerous battle, the adventurers emerge victorious. They quickly leave this room before anything else comes through the portal to attack them.

They enter the Von Urstadt crypt next. The room is dark, so they light a sunrod and reveal two hidden goblins. One goblin opens a set of doors to the north, which summons a pair of fiery elemental creatures. Unfortunately for them, the goblins are dead before they ever witness the arrival to the beasts. The party then surrounds and slays the elementals as well.

Within the crypt, they discover some valuable gems and gold coins, along with a powerful totem. Upon examining the doors to the north, and realizing that they summoned the elementals, the party decides to leave them open. However, they choose to head through the other set of doors, in order to follow the directions of the dwarf, Adronsius.

XP awarded: 2275 total — 455 each

  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • 130gp
  • +1 Primeshot Longbow
  • +1 Spring Renewal Totem
Prisoners and Treasures

The Prisoners

Adronsius Owner and proprietor of Alchemy by Adronsius, Adronsius has a much larger interest in plants and nature than the average dwarf.

Jalissa Jalissa is a young woman whom has only recently begun her acolytehood at the College of Ioun. She has been captured by the hobgoblins.

Kartenix While he reports to Lord Warden Harrik Orenna, Kartenix is the day-to-day leader of the Golden Lions and is very popular with the guards.

Mirtala Mirtala is the lead cook at The Marooned Schooner. The halfling clans that ply the Elsir River swear by her cooking.

Sertanian Sertanian served in the militia during the Invasion of the Red Hand. Now he serves as castellan for the Hall of Great Valor, where he watches over all the items of the Invasion.

Thurann 8-year-old son of Kartenix, the Guard Captain. He’s been known to get into his own fair share of trouble.

Zarriksa Zarriksa lives on the river, where she is commonly found picking herbs and fishing. Many believe these activities to be preparations for her witchcraft rituals.

The Treasure

The people of Brindol want their friends and neighbors back; that’s their primary concern. But they also want some of the treasures back from their “Hall of Great Valor.” Most of the “treasures” have little or no intrinsic value. They’re museum pieces from the “Red Hand” invasion many years ago. But the sentimental value to the town is immense.

  • Ornate, gilded dragoncrest helm.
  • Ceremonial platinum longsword; too heavy and blunt to be useful as a weapon.
  • Set of three shields with the Red Hand insignia, each with a charred hole near the center.
  • Set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree.
  • Heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake.
Thorn Log1 pg2

It felt good to kill some goblins…the ogre was fun too, although I think in the future I will stay back and let my bow do the work…that hurt.

It looks as though fortune chose to smile on me. The thought had just crossed my mind that I needed a party to watch my back when I was seated with a group of TRUE adventurers. It’s refreshing to see people handle themselves in a real battle for a change. The goblins were ferocoius in their attack, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them this organized…and then there’s the ogre, how they were able to control that beast is worthy of investigating. Maybe we will find the answer during our current assignment.

The group of adventurers I battled alongside last night and I have been charged with the recovery of seven townsfolk as well as several artifacts that were taken from town during the raid. We expect that the road will be rough, catacombs are never very inviting…especially when they play host to the undead. It will be interesting to see how our little group grows and if we can, in fact, accomplish this task with honor…we shall see.

Brandis Log1 pg2

Me liked the inn and pretty lady that was at me table…think someone said she a Diva…me just call her Pretty Lady…the others at me table seemed nice…Bug Man is very funny…me like it when he turns into bugs…Bow-man looks like a good fighter…and the little guy sure was eyeing the other tables gold…me think me will like this group…course stupid goblin things runined our dinner…so me enjoyed killing them…course me enjoy killing period, me nature after all…next morning when we got asked to come to some big fancy place, me was still tired but went anyway, Pretty Lady seemed to think it was important, so me went…wound up agreeing to do something for some fancy guy, not sure what it is all about but it seems like fun…got to kill more goblin things which is always fun…now we are looking for some old stuff that the goblin things took…hope we find them, since we get lots of pretty coins for them…we shall see me guess…


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