Scales of War

The Temple Between Closure

The Misfits vanquish (survive an encounter with) General Zithruum (Zod) and his army quickly becomes disorganized. The defenders are able to drive back the invaders. While Overlook is significantly damaged in the siege, most of the people and government survived. The city immediately begins rebuilding. The misfits are heralded as heroes and for the next couple weeks have no need to pay for food, lodging, or spirits. The Misfits are invited to join the council of elders at many fancy dinners as a reward. But the origin of Zithruum’s army is still unknown, and there is a frantic quality to the rebuilding as no one knows when the next attack will come.

One day the party is immediately summoned to the council and asked to contact the leader of the Freeriders, Megan Swiftblade. She sent word to the council that she knows who is behind the army that attacked outlook, however as soon as she found out, her entire group came under near constant attack from assassin’s. The Freeriders have gone into hiding and, in order to find her, the council must go to the Green Dragon in Village of Talar and wait to be contacted. The council asks that the Misfits go as their representatives, rescue Megan, and discover who is behind the recent attacks on Overlook.

The misfits set out immediately, b/c the only other jobs in the city are in construction and no one wants to buy a hard hat. After several days travel the group enters the Green Dragon, pays for a room and food, and begin to wait for whatever contact Megan will send them.



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