Character Creation

If you have a special character that you want to make, let me know. Otherwise, make them however you want. If you do want to use something from Dragon mag, make sure you read the article it came from to get a feel for its intent.

Use the point buy system for assigning attributes. However, I’m still in favor of spreading scores around a bit. So, I’m thinking I’ll max out starting scores at 19 (including racial bonus).

I also want to encourage back story and character development. So, if you want your background skill bonuses, write up a back story. For back grounds, there are some special ones made for this adventure path (Scales of War), but if you want to use the PBH2, Divine/Arcane Power ones instead, go for it. Try to chose based on the backgrounds, and not the bonuses.

Also, the four of you are starting out in a bar in Brindol. Why? Are you residents of Brindol? Are you sitting together? Are you friends, or did you just meet, or haven’t met yet? Maybe three of you are friends or playing cards, but one of you is new to town and drinking alone. Etc. Decide as a group what the situation is.

Regarding creating characters on the site:

To create your character on the site. Go to your profile; click the [Characters] tab; and click [Create a New Character]. While creating it, be sure to click the drop-down for “PC in Campaign”, and set to “Scales of War”. You can also give it a URL-friendly name. Otherwise in wiki links, it will be referred to by a number.

Character Creation

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