I’m going to try to encourage character development. So there’s homework! LOL. The “Adventure Log” will be used for Character Journals. Every week you will be encouraged to write a journal entry, from your character’s perspective. This is a “private” journal, so a character might write things about the other adventurers, but all the players can read them. As for the encouragement: Each character that completes their first 4 journal entries, will receive a special reward from the DM. It’s a surprise, at least until the first character gets it. In addition, for every 18 total journal entries (total for the group), an extra magic item of party level will be dropped. I reserve the right to change this number. In order to count, journal entries need to be submitted the day before the next session. Also, only one entry per character per session will be counted.

You don’t need to edit any of the wikis. I’ll do that. To post your weekly journal: Go to the [Adventure Log] tab, and click [Create New Post]. Just title it with the following format so it will be automatically organized into the wiki “Character Name” Log# Pg# e.g. Adrik Log1 pg1

Log1 refers to the first adventure module of the campaign Pg1 is the number of log entries. If you miss an entry, don’t skip a number. You’ll just have a lower page number than others.

Also, if you are absent from a session… For now, I’ve decided that you can still make an entry. That entry would still be due before the next session. I figure that encourages people to catch up with what happened by reading other logs.


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