Day 1 [November 8th, 2009]

The ‘Antler and Thistle’ bar. Heh! Not sure if this is a good omen or a bad omen. On one hand, Antler, good for a hunter like myself, however, I’m not too wild about the ‘Thistle’ part though.

It’s been a hard several months this last job. Nothing worse that working for someone who thinks they know what they’re doing. Camp here, camp there. The idiot might as well as put a sign on the side of the road saying ‘Idiot’s Camp Site Over Here =>’. I guess he never heard about trying to find an easily defendable area.

Might as well get some food and drink, and hope that something will appear to do. I’m tired of working for these idiots. I think it’s about time that I’ve started looking out for myself and benefited from the hard work and boring hours.

Looking around this place, there really isn’t that much to see. Barmaids with great ‘assets’, and people with no idea what they are doing. Oh well, at least the ale is decent, maybe I’ll just drink until something happens.


Scales of War derekh